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A busy year with selected public events and lots of creatures made for ngos in UK and overseas. Started with TV appearance of Minke Whale and Basking Shark on BBC's One Show, for a feature on UK Marine Wildlife, including the Common Skate. In March a busy weekend at WhaleFest in Brighton with the Sharks and Turtles, followed by a trip to Italy for a school roadshow, working with the TUDAV team from Turkey. In May we appeared at Celebrating Scotland's Sharks beside Loch Lomond.

After finishing the roadshow in Istanbul, we moved east into Asia to the university city of Eskisehir, where we presented the roadshow for 16 days at a large shopping centre. The first week saw many school groups visiting each day, and lots of families visiting for evening shopping. The second week was part of the national holiday called Bayram, when schools are closed and Turks take a break and visit friends etc.

The Roadshow returned to Turkey in September 2013, working with Turkish ngo TUDAV, raising awareness of Turkish marine wildlife

As well as making new creatures for the Roadshow and for others, this year has seen Roadshows in London for Lonely Planet, at Gloucester Tall Ships Festival, In Scotland for National Fisheries Museum and Deep Sea World, and in Cardiff for launch of BBC's Summer of Wildlife season.  ( first three pictures courtesy of Kate Wilson/MCS ) Then in July the Roadshow returned to Hancock Museum in Newcastle for 2013 North East Marine Wildlife Festival, with over 14000 visitors in the 7 days, and positive feedback from them all.

A major exhibition drawing together exhibitors and public with an interest in aquarium fish keeping, Aquatics Live 2012 featured workshops, discussions, demonstrations, and the Marine Wildlife Roadshow, representing the worlds largest habitat, the Oceans. The roadshows featured lots of marine wildlife models, and tabletop displays of ID charts, and beach finds like mermaid's purses. Well attended over 2 days, this show provided a good opportunity to raise awareness amongst the large following of this popular indoor aquarium hobby

Whale Fest 2012 Oct 27 & 28. This public event in Brighton was preceded by 3 weeks of school roadshows in surrounding areas, sponsored by Southern Water and organised by Planet Whale, and by promotional activities in Brighton Railway Station- renamed Brighton Whale Way Station for the week, and in other locations. During the week before Whale Fest, organised by Planet Whale at Brighton Hilton Metropole Hotel, the same location hosted the ASCOBANS Meeting of the Parties, and two Whale Conferences of global importance.

As part of Irelands' biggest sailing event, the Roadshow presented at Cork Week's Family Fun Weekend in July 2012, filling half the frame marquee with marine wildlife models and the roadshows' colouring area.....ever popular. One young visitor described the event as " the best show ever! " well done the ladies of the Cork Week family weekend organising committee....well done!

This 6 day Roadshow at The Great North Museum in Newcastle highlighted the marine wildlife of UK, and was well attended over the week-long school holiday. As well as lifesize wildlife models, there was lots to do and see, including virtual whalewatching trips, simulated wildlife rescues, and related craft activities, provided by different marine ngos as well as The Whale Workshop

As part of ASCOBANS International Day of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise, held in May every year, a roadshow was presented at Koenig Zoological Museum in Bonn, Germany. This roadshow featured all the species covered by the ASCOBANS agreement, and in particular highlighted the Baltic Harbour Porpoise. School groups and public attendance kept the ASCOBANS secretariat staff busy over the 4 day roadshow.