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Over the holiday weekend in early May 2012, the Roadshow visited Exploris Aquarium in Northern Ireland. This was the third visit to this location in past 6 years, and it is a popular location alongside Strangford Lough, with lots of marine wildlife in the area, including a visit by a Humpback Whale to the lough a few weeks before the roadshow visit

For 10 days in April 2012, the Roadshow worked with Turkish ngo TUDAV, in a busy shopping centre at Gebze near Istanbul, training TUDAV volunteers from Istanbul University and helping them raise awareness of Turkey's fantastic Marine Wildlife. For more pictures, please click on dropbox link
For more details of TUDAV's important work, see

The Roadshow visited Galway in Ireland to work with ASCOBANS Secretariat, as part of their Advisory Committee meeting there in March 2012. Cetacean models added to the formal proceedings, and the roadshow also set up in a shopping centre to raise public awareness of the ASCOBANS Agreement and its importance in protecting marine wildlife in Western Europe

For more info and pictures, see the ASCOBANS News page and look for "20th Anniversary of ASCOBANS- Marine Wildlife Roadshow"

Lots of different locations across Europe, working with different project partners, to deliver public and school roadshows, exhibitions and displays. Please open these links to blogs for Whale and Dolphin Roadshow Tour of Germany in 2001, working with WDCS Germany, and pictures of Tour of Germany on page 3 below

Working with CCC-Chile, the CITES roadshow toured all regions of Chile prior to the 2002 CITES meeting, to raise awareness of local marine wildlife species.

10 weeks, thousands of kilometers, over 100,000 visitors, highlighting the amazing marine wildlife off the coast of Chile, and the need to protect it. 

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Available in UK, across Europe, and worldwide, working with local project officers to highlight local species and issues

with many different species ...see species list...and available in UK, across Europe, and

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