Species List

a list of Marine Wildlife Species available as part of your roadshow......depending on location and logistics, size of venue, roadshow theme......if necessary we will make new species to suit requirements     Species can be grouped for roadshows by the locality where they might be seen....by the food they eat and how they catch it,....to illustrate different aspects of species science,....or just to illustrate similarities and differences between them.   Take your pick and we can build a really interesting roadshow around your choices.    We can bring along a few interlopers to illustrate how wildlife species can have regional variations and unique features, and to showcase, for example, how climate change is impacting on marine wildlife across Planet Earth.  Our Emperor Penguin regularly turns up to tell its story of potential extinction due to the melting of Antarctica....a message to us all to change our ways urgently. Wake up human beings , wake up !

The Whale Workshop has built up its species list over the past 24 years, using life-size and life-like inflatable replicas

Whale Workshop Background Info

history of previous projects in the past 24 years, in different parts of the world and working with different project partners.    Plus background info to show where the craft skills came from to allow The Whale Workshop to produce the unique life-sized models that we provide, and the expertise from doing thousands of previous roadshow events. You cannot beat quality, and  there are no short-cuts to experience, you have to go through it to get there

Whale Workshop Photo Album

pictures and details of previous projects....click on pictures in albums to enlarge them and save, if you need to use them.  See previous roadshows in pictures and read the reportage, see the creatures we have made for others worldwide, for rescue training projects, for awareness raising, and for educational usage, in recent years and from the archives.

Whale Workshop Contact Info

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For a comprehensive online educational guide to the State of our Oceans , produced in 2018 in USA, see         https://fishlab.com/the-state-of-our-oceans


Marine Wildlife School Roadshow

We now offer a new School Roadshow, called Pop-up Dolphins, looking at how marine litter, and in particular plastic pollution, is impacting on our marine wildlife friends. Using life-sized Dolphins and other marine wildlife, it is uniquely different, very engaging, and fun too. We are incorporating lots of new thinking on how schools and colleges can lead the way on climate action too.


Marine Wildlife Roadshow

available for festivals, seminars and conferences, marine weeks, training workshops and to tour specific locations to raise awareness in UK and worldwide, with wildlife models made to order to enable project partners to enhance their own outreach capability. Pop-up Dolphins available for major events to give a different perspective on keeping our beautiful Planet Earth healthy