SALE   SALE   SALE    November 2020 sees us selling some of our amazing collection of superb life-sized marine wildlife inflatable models.  All in very good condition, refurbished before selling, and at a fraction of the cost of a new creation, these creatures havent been used much, and need a new home so that they can continue to raise awareness and enhance conservation work worldwide.

SALE ITEMS include small cetaceans like Vaquita, Burmeister's Porpoise, Hector's ( Maui ) Dolphin, and others, Dolphins like Dusky and Spinner, Whales like Beluga and Narwal.  See photos below for each sale item with details and price, and we will add more as we go into 2021. Contact us for more details and pictures of each SALE item

The Whale Workshop has built up its species list over the past 24 years, using life-size and life-like inflatable replicas to offer packages worldwide, working with different ngo and government partners to raise awareness and deliver the conservation message through the roadshow format.   The Marine Wildlife Species currently available as part of a roadshow package are  as follows:-  

  • 15m Juvenile Blue Whale      +   6m calf Blue Whale
  • 13m Female Sperm whale     +  4m  calf Sperm Whale
  • 8m Giant Squid
  • 8m Minke Whale                +   3m calf Minke Whale
  • 6m Killer Whale ( Orca)       +  3m calf Orca
  • 6m Pilot Whale
  • 5m Narwhal
  • 5m Beluga Whale  
  • 3m  Bottlenose Dolphin        +  2m juvenile Bottlenose Dolphin
  • 3m  Rissos Dolphin 
  • 2.5m White Beaked Dolphin
  • 2.5m Atlantic White Sided Dolphin 
  • 2m Common Dolphin
  • 2m   Striped Dolphin
  • 2m  Spotted dolphin x 2
  • 2m  Spinner Dolphin  
  • 1.5m Harbour Porpoise x 2  
  • 2m  Grey Seal male & female + calf  
  • 2m Common Seal female
  • 8m adult Basking Shark         + 4m juvenile Basking Shark
  • 4m Great White Shark
  • 4m Scalloped Hammerhead Shark
  • 2m Grey Reef Shark  
  • 2m Blue Shark
  • 2m Leatherback Turtle
  • 1m Hawksbill Turtle
  • 1m Emperor Penguin and chick
  • Sirenians, including young Dugong and young Manatee


shark pups, turtle hatchlings, turtle nest with hatching simulation, stranded dolphin rescue, food chain simulation from plankton -> basking shark, turtle tracking and other interpretations.  

In addition there are Central and South American species including calf Manatee, adult Dusky Dolphin, Chilean Dolphin, Vaquita and others.   In the next 12 months it is planned to add  3m wingspan Wandering Albatross and more Penguins to enable an Antarctic focus to be offered

If you have an idea for a roadshow, contact us to enquire about having some creatures and props made, if the species you require are not in our species list already

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