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.......working with The Loughs Agency at their HQ buildings in Prehen, Northern Ireland, to create an underwater world as part of the world famous Derry Halloween celebrations.

We used the same set up as in 2018, in the vehicle and boat maintenance garage, and transformed it into the "Monsters of the Deep " exhibition, with amazing creatures and lots of Ocean Discovery.

We brought a few new creatures, including The Giant Squid, Architeuthis dux, and enhanced some of the engaging activities, and the crowds flocked in again.

UPDATE   Due to the cancellation or postponement of all of the Roadshow's 2020 bookings, including Glastonbury, Pembroke, Isle of Man, and lots more across UK, there has been a return to making creatures full time 7 days a week, and the large backlog has been nearly cleared.  Currently making Dolphins for British Divers, having finished seals for Cornwall Seal Research Project, and then there are more seals and other creatures in the order book


...........updated content on plastic pollution and climate action, to include lots of interesting facts and info on the huge impact that plastic pollution is having on the marine environment, and the climate emergency that Planet Earth is facing.  Understand the science, and know the reality, and the next step becomes more obvious.  The roadshow points the way to reducing human impact on our Planet, with simple demonstrations, engaging activities, lots of light-bulb moments for pupils and teachers alike, and remember, Knowledge is Everything.  Be inspired

In June 2019 we returned to Glastonbury Festival, working with old friends in the Croissant Neuf Green Field,  same folk we toured the UK with on the original Green Roadshow in the 90s and the 00s. 


and         for info on hiring the Croissant Neuf Big Top etc

All the experiences of the previous week were absorbed into creating an engaging Shetland described in a letter to participating schools from the roadshow organisers in Shetland, Jan and Pete Bevington of Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary....see Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary online with website, facebook and twitter pages...they are doing brilliant work in Shetland protecting wildlife

Having finished Aberdeen Dolphin Festival, time to get the Northlink ferry to Shetland and spend a week re-acquainting myself with these wonderful islands, having previously visited with the roadshow around 15 years ago. Great to be back !  The time spend in part 1 of my visit was essential to acclimatize to the pace of life, the landscape, the soft Shetland accent, and everything else, before the hectic second week of school and public roadshows across the islands. 

2019 provides lots of chances to develop the Pop-up Dolphins show and fit it into different types of events, indoor and outside. 

In early February we worked with The Eden Project in Cornwall for the launch of their new Oceans exhibition, and had 1000+ visitors over a cold snowy February weekend.  For more info on this weekend, see

In October, we took the roadshow to the BDMLR Conference in Birmingham, followed a few weeks later by the Derry Halloween event for The Loughs Agency in Northern Ireland.

In order to offer a compact and effective roadshow feature, focusing on the major issue of Plastic Pollution of the Marine Environment, we have assembled some roadshow components and put them inside a nice 3m x 3m pop-up tent, to give a Dolphin's perspective, called "Pop-up Dolphins".

Following on from the successful Ocean Discovery Zone at Devon County Show, we took a smaller ODZ to a school in North Devon as a prize for their Marine Litter Poster entry in a Devon County Show schools competition , and then to a small Music Festival in South Devon.